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Jun 28, 2008


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Mitch Kowalski

Things will likely never change at law firms - until there is a shortage of law students. As long as there is a ready supply of lemmings from law schools, or a shortage in lawyers in general, there is no reason to change.

As for the costs of attrition - they are very much overblown in my view. Not every lawyer will make partner and so, the firms have already factored into their business plan that they will lose a bunch of associates each year. The partners don't lose any sleep over this at all.

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As someone who is currently at a law firm but not practicing at the moment I hear exactly what you are saying. My supervisor has recently changed and the process of getting this person (new to the industry) up to speed is wearing our team thin. We have been losing droves of people so the firm is slowly becoming aware of the situation.

Will this situation be fixed in time for me to stick around? Doubtful. The more ex-lawyers I meet around the city the more I detest the poor working conditions and unrealistic expectations.

Lane Bryant Coupons Girl

I don't think that the work-life balance is ever going to be in the right place unless you work for yourself and choose to have a good balance of work-life.

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