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Sui Generis New York Minute

Welcome to the second edition of the Sui Generis New York Minute. 

In this week's video I discuss this post from the Legal Profession Blog, "Younger Generation of Women Lawyers Not Staying in Big Law Firms? 'In Droves'?" which references this post from Sui Generis, "[BALANCE] Why Are Gen Y And Gen X Women Leaving Law Firms in Droves?"

And, to add clarification to my comments in the video, it's my position that because the comments and opinions offered in my original post were based upon the data contained in the California Lawyer article, I'm just as well equipped to discuss the findings of that article as anyone else.

I also discuss an article mentioned in this week's NY legal news round up:  Bill seeks wake-up call for sleepy drivers.

The Sui Generis New York Minute

UPDATE:  I've fixed the technical glitches by switching to Google video, which appears to be more compatible with my equipment.


I'm adding a new feature to this blog--the Sui Generis New York Minute.  It will feature a short video clip of yours truly and I'll be commenting on interesting New York legal happenings from the past week and perhaps highlighting an entertaining law-related tidbit not yet discussed on Sui Generis.

My presentation is a bit bumpy since I'm still getting the hang of videotaping myself, but I expect that my "performance" will improve with time as I get used to this new format.  In the meantime, enjoy and let me know what you think of this new feature. 

In today's video, I'll be discussing this post from New York Civil Law regarding Judge Kaye's renomination as Chief Judge to the New York Court of Appeals.

I also discuss this recent news story: NY Man charged with impersonating police (Newsday).