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Dear Kenmore: You already know this but your front loading washers are defective

Hi Kenmore, It's me, Niki.

You know, the person who's bought your products--thousands upon thousands of dollars worth-- religiously for nearly 20 years now based on Consumer Report's recommendations and my past favorable experiences with your products.

It's been a good relationship, but I'm afraid it has to come to an end in the very near future unless you do the right thing. 

You see--here's the problem: my front loading 2 year old Kenmore washer (which we bought--even though it cost more than a top loading washer--because we wanted to do the right thing and conserve water) smells like a linebacker's sock after a long, highly contentious football game. In fact, it's not just my washer-it's the entire rear portion of my house and our supposedly "clean" clothes. It smells downright disgusting.

This despite the fact that I've been taking all the recommended steps. Quite frankly, they're a pain in the ass.

I have a special old towel set aside just for the washer and after every wash, I wipe down the washer, including the door gasket and the entire interior circumference of both sections that seal off the door. I leave the doors open when it's not in use (fortunately our kids are old enough to know not to climb into it). I regularly run the cleaning cycle which is supposed to fix the mildew problem for washers manufactured after 2008 (because those manufactured before 2008 are part of a class action for a defective product that the United States Supreme Court recently allowed to proceed). I even used those Fresh tablets. Nothing has made a difference and our washer--and now our house--smells disgusting.

I've called your 1-800 number and was told there's nothing that can be done because it's out of warranty. Given that this is clearly a defective product, that's simply ridiculous. 

You should be ashamed of yourself, Sears (and all the other front loading washer manufacturers who have been sued in the pending class action). You designed a defective product. You know it's defective and as a result make current owners pay for new products and do all sorts of crazy, inconvenient things to try to prevent mildew/mold build up. You refuse to settle pending litigation. And even worse--you keep manufacturing the damn things!

Corporate greed at its worst. I'm appalled and disgusted--and frustrated. The smell is only going to get worse now that the humid summer is on its way.

So yes, it's true. Unless you do something to rectify this situation, our long relationship is going to have to come to a bitter end. 

And in this case, I assure you--it's not me. It's you.

Sincerely your formerly loyal and now very frustrated customer,

Niki Black