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On the Boston Tragedy: And for what?

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My heart goes out to the Boston victims and their loved ones. Such a horrible, pointless tragedy. 

It was one of many on our soil in recent years--some were terrorism and others gun violence.

My heart aches. There have been too many senseless tragedies as of late. Too much sorrow. Our country is suffering from the weight of these collective losses--both due to the tremendous sadness and the gradual eradication of our liberties. 

And for what?

Our digital communications are fair game and the government is collecting all of our digital data, without just cause or a warrant. (See "Who's Watching the NSA Watchers" - NYT).

We're undergoing near-strip searches at airports. We can't enter places where large public gatherings occur without having our bags and persons searched. Surveillance cameras are everywhere.

And for what?

With this latest tragedy--there allegedly were no "credible reports" of threats beforehand. And now CNN is reporting that surveillance videos have captured both the bombing itself and possibly the bomb-carrying backpacks as they were left behind. All of this after the fact.

And for what?

And now we'll seek vengeance--which we no doubt deserve. We'll catch the bastards that did this. But, what then--after we obtain "justice" and revenge? 

Will we subsequently lose even more rights and constitutionally guaranteed liberties--all in the name of "security"? Will it be worth it? Will it do anything at all to prevent these horrible, heart wrenching national tragedies?

I certainly don't have the answers. But I, like my fellow citizens, am grieving today--and hugging my family closer tonight. Because that's really the only thing you can do on days like today. 

Peace. Solidarity. Liberty. Hope.

And for what?