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More reviews of my book "Cloud Computing for Lawyers"

T Cloud bookwo more reviews of my newest book, Cloud Computing for Lawyers (ABA 2012), were recently published.

The first was by Rachel Wilcox at the Mass. LOMAP law practice management blog. Here are a few choice excerpts:

(Nicole is) very entertaining in the introduction, so I was optimistic. And, rightly so. Nicole does pretty excellent work rounding out her first two, or two-and-a-half, chapters (what some would find quite basic information) with specific industry examples and pointed applications, so although we might be reading what we already know, in a general sense, she includes a bit of extended information, which is consistently worthwhile material...I was particularly impressed by her third chapter, on risks and benefits...Stephanie Kimbro’s chapter on ethics ...seems to be exhaustive of the ethical implications for attorneys relying on the cloud...Nicole (then) gives a comprehensive rundown of various service providers, by category, in her final chapter...The book was a quick, but truly informative, read. Can't go wrong.

The second was written by my good friend Carolyn Elefant at her wonderful My Shingle blog. Here are some excerpts from her review:

Cloud Computing for Lawyers, by Nicole Black (my co-author for Social Media for Lawyers) is an extraordinary book...(It) is a critical read for all lawyers, because all lawyers deal with the cloud one way or another – and if they don’t, their clients do. Lawyers will be faced with a host of different products and need to know how to choose those that are reliable versus those that may compromise client data. With this book, lawyers are well armed for a bright future where the sun shines because of the cloud.

Thanks so much to both of Carolyn and Rachel for taking the time to write such thorough and thoughtful reviews of my book!

Nicole Black is a Rochester, New York attorney and the Vice President of Business Development and Community Relations at MyCase, a powerful and intuitive cloud-based law practice management platform. She is also a GigaOM Pro Analyst and is the author of the ABA book Cloud Computing for Lawyers, co-authors the ABA book Social Media for Lawyers: the Next Frontier, and co-authors Criminal Law in New York, a West-Thomson treatise. She is the founder of and speaks regularly at conferences regarding the intersection of law and technology. She publishes four legal blogs and can be reached at 

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