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Cloud Computing, Social Media and Lawyers, Oh My!

In recent weeks, the legal blogosphere has been abuzz over the value of social media for lawyers. My good friends Kevin O'Keefe of Lexblog (a company that provides legal blogging platforms and social media consulting to attorneys) and New York criminal defense attorney Scott Greenfield have been at the core of the discussion, with Kevin arguing that social media provides value for attorneys and Scott contending that it's just child's play.

I also chimed in with my 2 cents over at the Small Firm Innovation blog with my assertion that social media can provide value for some lawyers, but not all, and that ultimately the value derived depends on the goals sought to be achieved.

Well, Scott and Kevin duked it out again in this very lively, interesting, and thoughtful discussion brought to you by Bloomberg Law and moderated quite adeptly by Ed Adams. It's definitely worth a view.

And, in the title I promised you cloud computing for lawyers and of course I'm not going to let you down. My newest book, cleverly titled "Cloud Computing for Lawyers," was just released, and in the next video, you'll find me chatting about it at LegalTech New York, where I spoke last week, with Ben Vickers from Thomson Reuters Westlaw.

Be warned--judging from my very stern face with nary a smile in sight, this is a very serious discussion. Someone remind me to flash the camera a smile next time!

Nicole Black is a Rochester, New York attorney and GigaOM Pro Analyst. She is the author of the ABA book Cloud Computing for Lawyers, co-authors the ABA book Social Media for Lawyers: the Next Frontier, and co-authors Criminal Law in New York, a West-Thomson treatise. She is the founder of and speaks regularly at conferences regarding the intersection of law and technology. She publishes four legal blogs and can be reached at 


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