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Why I support the Occupy Wall Street Movement


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The Occupy Wall Street Movement is calling attention to any number of problematic issues confronting our society right now. Many of us see what we want to see in the movement. I see it as rejection of corporate personhood and the undue influence of corporations at all levels of government and society. They've literally got their fingers in the policies that affect every aspect of our lives, touching everything from the food we eat and the value of our homes and bank accounts to the spin the media puts on these issues.

As with any citizen revolt, the first step is to draw attention to the problems, which the protestors have done--quite successfully. They've brought other issues to light as well, including the overzealous police force and the hypocrisy of our government when it comes to supporting protests in the Middle East while squelching them on our own soil. 

The unrest and despair of the middle and bottom of the US populace has been brought to light successfully. And, clearly, a lot of people are unhappy with the current state of affairs. Big banks and corporations can only get so many breaks while, during that very same timeframe, the average person suffers financially, barely scraping by for years on end before something has to give.

The next step is to organize, obtain monetary support and locate well-known or dynamic spokespersons, determine agendas and continue to raise consciousness. If this is truly a movement with staying power, that will occur. If it's just a blip in the history of our country, that will be obvious in due time.

But, I for one am proud of the "slackers" and "complainers" who are taking to the streets, exercising their first amendment rights and expressing their dissatisfaction with the status quo. After all, isn't that what this country is all about?

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