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Looking for a good movie to watch? Look no further.

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I recently asked friends on Facebook and Twitter if they'd seen any good movies lately and here are there responses:

  • Ruth Barber: of gods and men - moving true story about a group of monks who refused to run away, give up or use violence in the face of oppression
  • Cat Adlerman: Up--deep emotion at the begining...happy story and funny.
  • Carla Marie Ciampa: The Kids are All Right. A peek at grown up life, 20 years after the romantic "I do's." The Town. Ben Affleck at his best, greasy, conniving with a poignant love story.
  • Matthew S. Crider Fred Claus: the support group scene
  • Frank T. Pimentel: In the last year it was The Lives of Others without a close second. Other "good" ones were The Blind Side and It's Complicated. Most disappointing was The Hurt Locker. The Lives of Others was great because it showed the depravity of Communism in everyday life.
  • Dave Orr ‎127 hours. Anyone who can cut their own arm off with a cheap Chinese Leatherman knockoff wins Hands, or should I say Hand, Down.
  • Eric Brian Johnson hmmm, Winter's Bone was pretty good.
  • @PokerLawyer: The Kids Are All Right. The Julianne Moore character's speech at the end re: marriage is spot on.
  • @StevenAyr: Exit Through the Gift Shop: Great movie about Banksy and the culture of street art. Good commentary on the art world too.
  • @balancedspoon: Sanctum. Up until the last 30 minutes I didn't know what was going to happen next. Then it unraveled a bit.The landscape was epic
  • @PaulStanleyESQ: kings speech
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The Hurt Locker is an amazing movie. really heart touching. besides, it knocked-off Avatar on the Oscar :)

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