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Feedly: My Favorite Online Tool


This week's Daily Record column is entitled "Feedly: My Favorite Online Tool."

A pdf of the article can be found here and my past Daily Record articles can be accessed here.


Feedly: My Favorite Online Tool

A few weeks ago I explained how using an RSS feed reader can simplify your life and bring information relevant to your areas of practice and interests directly to you.

This week I want to fully explore one of my favorite online tools, Feedly — an RSS feed reader and so much more.

At the outset, I’d like to note that I receive nothing in exchange for my frequent recommendations of Feedly. I’m simply a huge fan of Feedly, and find I use it constantly whenever I’m online.

So, what’s so great about Feedly? It’s your all-in-one information gathering tool — an RSS feed reader, a search engine and a sharing tool — all rolled into one.

Feedly is a Firefox add on, so the Firefox browser must be used. Once you’ve installed Feedly, you can either subscribe to the feeds of your favorite blogs and news sites from scratch, or it will automatically pull the feeds you subscribe to using Google Reader. If you subscribe from scratch, it’s easy to add feeds to Feedly. Simply visit the website you want to add, click on the “+f” — found on the right hand side of your URL address bar — and Feedly will automatically guide you through the process of adding the feed.

Feedly also allows you to create different categories of feeds. For example, you could create categories such as “criminal law,” “real estate” and “national news.” When you subscribe to a feed using the process I’ve described, you’ll be prompted by Feedly to place the feed into one or more categories.

Once you’ve subscribed to a number of feeds, Feedly presents them to you in a far more user-friendly interface than most other feed readers. Feeds appear in a magazine-like view that is much easier on the eyes, and sorting through new items is simple and intuitive.

As you read your feeds, Feedly allows blogs posts and articles appearing in your feed to be shared quickly and easily. Choose the appropriate button in the tool bar appearing at the top of each item in your feed and, with the click of a button, you can do a number of things with the item.

The item within Feedly can be bookmarked so that you can read it later. You can share content on Twitter, Google Buzz or Facebook. Feedly automatically creates the body of the post and shortens the link. With the click a button, it’s automatically posted to your chosen social network. Another option is to e-mail the content to a client or colleague
to whom it might be of interest. Simply click on the e-mail icon and it connects to your e-mail account and opens up a new message. Other icons allow you to add the item to your Delicious or Diigo bookmarks, clip it to Evernote, or post about it at your Tumblr or Posterous blog.

Feedly also has a feature called “Karma,” which allows the links you’ve shared on Twitter to be tracked. You can see what links are most popular, how many times people have re-tweeted them and how many times viewers clicked through to the content.

Another nice feature is that, as you surf the Web, content can be shared quickly via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter using a mini-tool bar at the very bottom left corner of each Web page.

One of my favorite Feedly features is its search feature, which pops up whenever you search Google. Feedly will run your search term through Feedly and offer a few relevant suggestions from your RSS feed subscriptions, which appear in a box on the bottom right side of the Google search results page. I’ve found that many times the Feedly search results provide more useful and relevant sources than those appearing at the top of the Google results. Sometimes I even search Feedly using the search option within Feedly before searching Google, since I know the results likely will be more accurate for my purposes.

Finally, Feedly allows you to customize its interface so that it best suits your needs and preferences. The customization option makes an already very user-friendly tool all the more enjoyable to use.

All in all Feedly is a great tool. Everyone who has tried it based on my recommendations loves it, and wonders how they ever man- aged without it. Give it a try. I’m confident you’ll feel the same way.


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Sd Anderson

Awesome. I'm definitely enjoying Feedly.

BTW - with "extensions" turned on in Apple's Safari browser, there is a Safari version of Feedly, also Google Chrome (Mac & PC) version & an iPhone Prototype reported to hit the App Store soon.


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