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One Sure Fire (and Free) Way West Could Promote Westlaw Next

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I'm a West author. Accordingly, I am provided with free access to most of Westlaw's databases so that I can conduct research for the annual supplements to my book, Criminal Law in New York.

I recently inquired of my editor whether I would receive access to Westlaw Next as I prepared my annual update this summer.

Surprisingly, my editor informed me that he was unsure whether I would have access and that attorney editors hadn't yet received access. Needless to say, this perplexes me. Why would West not automatically allow these groups of people access?

Allowing authors access would be a win-win for West:  I'd be able to produce a better work product as a result of having access to a better research tool and I'd likewise spread the good word about Westlaw Next as a result of my (presumably) favorable experiences with it. (Not to mention that this particular author has an extremely strong online presence and any favorable commentary would arguably be akin to free publicity).

The same rationale could apply toward employees.

Needless to say, this policy makes no sense to me. What do you think?

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Lisa Solomon

I think WestlawNext is a great product that has been marketed horribly.

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