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NYC Social Media Conference for Lawyers 9/21

On September 21, 2009, in New York City I will be a speaker at Social Media: Risks & Rewards.

This comprehensive, dynamic event will explore the inherent challenges of social media and will arm you with the specific tools necessary to protect your company, your intellectual property and your reputation in today’s virtual world.  Find out how to safeguard yourself and your business through insightful sessions focused on:

  • The Social Media Sensation: Pressure to Keep up in the Digital Age
  • Exposure, Liability and Consequences of Your Business and Social Media
  • Develop your Company’s Corporate Policy for Social Media
  • Protecting your Company’s Identity in a Virtual World
  • Risks from Employees Past, Present and Future
  • Safeguarding your Company’s Intellectual Property
  • Best Practices for Social Media.

Challenges from Social Media are only one inappropriate “tweet” away.  Register for this timely program today and ensure you understand the inherent perils of the market and construct the proper policies to protect your company and ensure future growth.

I will be on this panel: Your Business and the Social Media Sensation.

There is a discount for friends and family (and blog readers). If you want to attend,  just visit the conference website at and use the code SPK for $100.00 off.


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