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Lawyers-Get a Life!

Gal2 Last week I attended the "Get a Life" conference in Chicago. The goal of the conference was to help attorneys discover how to "run your practice without running yourself into the ground."It was a great conference-really interesting and knowledgeable speakers, relevant and timely topics, great people, delicious food and good times.  The Total Practice Management Association did a great job and it was well worth the trip.

Most notably, TMA managed to put on a conference unlike any other I've ever attended.  The overriding theme of the unique exhibit hall was hard to miss: practice law, but enjoy your life.  Thus, in one corner, a large bunch of roses to smell, in another, a patch of green grass to walk on, a Wii game console in another corner, and free massages in the last corner of the room.  Not your average law conference.

One thing that occurred to me as I listened to the speakers, was how depressing it was that this conference is even necessary.  However, it most certainly is.

The practice of law is uniquely stressful, alienating and inflexible.  Many lawyers leave the profession for greener pastures, including, somewhat ironically, many of the speakers at this conference.  And, truth be told, they seemed much happier than many of the lawyers sitting in the audience.

In this economy, many lawyers have lost their "law" jobs. Perhaps they'd be well advised to look at their job loss as an opportunity to get a life--a happier, more satisfying life outside the law.

Alternatively, if you insist on practicing law, I insist that you attend this conference in 2010. Because you deserve to have a life, and this conference will get you on the right track.


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Moeed Saeed

Nicole - Its interesting that you found that so many lawyers are searching for greener pastures because of the stresses in practicing law. In addition to leaving law, I found that lawyers are looking for new ways to reduce stress and find a work-life balance. I believe that the search for balance has forced lawyers to take a second look at the existing business model. Moreover, lawyers are now realizing that the existing model is facing obsolescence in today's marketplace. That puts us, as lawyers, in an exciting place. We are now shaping the way law is being practiced. I would like to think lawyers are becoming more efficient and balanced; in the end, it would be better for everyone.

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