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$15,000 a Month for Nursing Home Care, and I Don't Even Bat an Eyelash

Erandisi_2_2 I live in Rochester, New York, and compared to the NYC and Philly suburbs I've previously called home, Rochester is on the less expensive cost-of-living side.  Even in Monroe County, though, the monthly Medicaid reimbursement rate (what the government considers the "average" monthly cost of care) is over $8,000.  I have clients whose Alzheimer's care has been costing $12,000 a month for quite a few months. 

So does it surprise me that a "downstate" nursing home is charging $15K?  No.  What does interest me is the author's perceived generational disparity between the "greatest generation" and the "baby boomers" and how much they expect for that $15K. 

Thanks to this New York Times's article by Jane Gross. 

-Authored by Elizabeth Randisi, a Rochester, New York attorney associated with the law firm WeinsteinMurphy.  Her practice focuses on Trusts and Estates and elder law.


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