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Medicaid Figures for 2009

Erandisi_2_2 Note:  I am posting the new Medicaid figures for 2009.  The most significant changes are in the individual resource allowance (now $13,800) and in the community spouse's MMMNA (now $2,739). 

Chronic Care Medicaid

Minimum Community Spouse Resource Allowance:  $74,820

Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance:  $109,560

Resource Allowance for Individual:  $13,800

Community Spouse Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance(MMMNA):  $2,739

Family Member Allowance - Other Eligible Persons - Spousal Impoverishment Situations:  $584

Community Medicaid and SSI-Related Medicaid

Medicaid Only - Monthly - One Person

SSI Income Standards - Medicaid Standard:  $761

SSI Resource Standards - Individual:  $2,000

-Authored by Elizabeth Randisi, a Rochester, New York attorney associated with the law firm WeinsteinMurphy.  Her practice focuses on Trusts and Estates and elder law.


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Benjamin Wolf

Here's my post on one main change in Medicaid law, due to the Federal Government's re-interpretation of how New York has been applying the rules for married couples where one spouse is in need of nursing home or home care:

Elizabeth Randisi

Benjamin, thanks for pointing this out. We don't have very many planning or Medicaid clients who are receiving home care - the vast majority of our Medicaid practice deals with clients who are in skilled nursing facilities. Is home care more popular where you are downstate?

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