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Define That Term #310

Dictionary_2 Last week's term was G.A.T.T., which is defined as:

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade-A comprehensive free-trade treaty signed in 1947 by 117 nations, including almost every developed country. The goal of GATT has been to promote global economic growth by encouraging and regulating world trade. Among other things, member countries are required to treat all other member countries equally in the application of import and export tariffs, offer basic copyright protection to authors from member countries, consult with each other about trade matters and attempt to resolve differences in a peaceful manner. GATT created an international regulatory body known as the World Trade Organization (WTO) to enforce compliance with the agreement.

Edward Wiest and Elaine Necht got it right!

This week's term is:

pur autre vie.

As always, no dictionaries.


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