The New York Legal News Round Up
The New York Legal News Round Up

Up Against a Deadline

I apologize, but I'm going to have to take one week off in order to meet a few rapidly approaching deadlines, including the deadline for the update for the West treatise that I co-author: Criminal Law in New York, 4th.

Blogging will resume during the last week of September.  Once I resume blogging, I expect to blog more frequently than I did this summer, since my schedule will most likely permit me to do so.


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easement (eez-mnt). An interest in land owned by another person, consisting in the right to use or control the land, or an area above or below it, for a specific limited purpose (such as to cross it for access to a public road). • The land benefiting from an easement is called the dominant estate; the land burdened by an easement is called the servient estate. Unlike a lease or license, an easement may last forever, but it does not give the holder the right to possess, take from, improve, or sell the land. The primary recognized easements are (1) a right-of-way, (2) a right of entry for any purpose relating to the dominant estate, (3) a right to the support of land and buildings, (4) a right of light and air, (5) a right to water, (6) a right to do some act that would otherwise amount to a nuisance, and (7) a right to place or keep something on the servient estate.

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