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JD Supra--Free Online Access to Legal Documents

Checkmark JD Supra is yet another great addition to the ever-expanding universe of web resources providing free online legal research.  It offers "free access to a constantly expanding database of legal documents (filings, decisions, forms, articles)."

The site allows you to search for documents by jurisdiction and allows you to limit search results to certain types of documents, depending on what your needs are.

The New York State database doesn't appear to be particular large at this point.  A generalized search(with no limitations as to the type of document) for "CPLR" yielded only four results. 

However,  as more New York practitioners participate, it will be likely become a useful and valuable resource.

It likewise provides lawyers with the ability to create an online presence by creating profiles at the site and posting information and documents at JD Supra within their areas of practice.

It's an interesting concept and a great resource.



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niceeeeee, thx!

Aviva Cuyler

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the post. It has been wonderful to watch the document database, and the number of contributors, grow over the past three months sine we launched.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, or ideas for improvement.

Best wishes,


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