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Defined That Term #278

Dictionary_2 Last Sunday's term was dedimus potestatum, which is defined as:

An outdated legal procedure that permitted a party to take and record the testimony of a witness before trial, but only when that testimony might otherwise be lost. For example, a party to a lawsuit might use the procedure to obtain the testimony of a witness who was terminally ill and might not be able to testify at the trial. Nowadays, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure routinely permit the taking of testimony before trial if that testimony might otherwise be lost.

No one guessed this time around.

Today's term is:

words of procreation.

I'd never heard of this particular term before--I'd be interested in seeing if any of you have.

Plus, I figured it would likely lend itself to some creative definitions, which are always entertaining.

As always, no dictionaries, please.


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