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Define That Term #279

Dictionary_2 Last week's term was words of procreation, which is defined as:

Language used to leave property to a person and his or her descendants, which typically take the form "to A, and the heirs of his body," where A is the person receiving the property.

No one dared to hazard a guess this time around...

Today's term is:

eggshell skull.

As always, educated guesses are welcome; dictionaries are not.


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Edward Wiest

Term used by, e.g., tort professors and commentators to illustrate principle that tortfeasor may be held liable for all harm caused by his misconduct, regardless of the succeptability of the victim to such harm.

Throw a tennis ball in a manner in which it collides with somebody's head: ordinarily, nominal damages for a bump on that head. Negligently toss the same ball at Humpty Dumpty's head: liability for wrongful death. Ergo, the use of this term as a shorthand title for a significant element of the law of damages.

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