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Blawgs_2 I'm in the process of revising my "New York Law Blogs" blogroll, since a number of the blogs listed there right now are defunct.  It's been a while since I updated my blogroll and I know that there are a lot of new blogs out there, not all of which I'm aware of.

Sooo, if there are any New York law-related blogs that any of you, my dear readers, might recommend that are not yet included on my blogroll, please list them in the comments. (Feel free to list your own blog).  I won't necessarily be able to include every blog listed in the comments, due to space limitations, but will be sure to carefully peruse all blogs listed.

Thanks for your help and continued readership!


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Jim Rose

Please check out my blog:

Judgment Day

I work as assigned appellate counsel in criminal cases for the Appellate Division, Third Department. I recently started a criminal law blog called Judgment Day. The blog covers criminal cases (New York and otherwise), incarceration issues and sentencing reform. Thanks for your time.

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