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Legal Bits & Bytes 3

Here is yet another installment of Legal Bits & Bytes. 

At the outset, I apologize for the backdrop.  It was an experiment--one that I will likely not duplicate. 

Also, I've now got a cold, right on the tail of the flu, so I'm not at 100%.  Bear with me as I clear my throat, fidget, and otherwise distract you from the topic at hand. 

But, as I've said in the past--the only way I can do this on a regular basis is if I try to complete each video in one take.  Otherwise, it becomes far too time consuming.

So, with those caveats, enjoy the video.  Links to the content discussed can be found below the video:


--Nicole Black is, among other things, a Rochester, NY DWI defense lawyer, and is of counsel to Fiandach & Fiandach, one of the largest and most experienced DWI defense firms in New York State. She also co-authors the Thomson-West book Criminal Law in New York and writes a weekly column, "Legal Currents", for The Daily Record.


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