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I'm a Thomson-West Author.

Book_picI'm proud to announce that I am now a Thomson-West author.  Should you choose to follow this link to my book, you'll notice that my name is now listed as a co-author.   Ain't that grand? 

My book, Criminal Law in New York, which I co-author with the Honorable Karen Morris and Gary Muldoon, can be found in the sidebar to the right or at this link, where you're free to purchase it for all of your grandchildren, children, friends, family members--even strangers.  If I may say so myself, I do believe that it's the perfect holiday gift!

--Nicole Black is of counsel to Fiandach & Fiandach, one of the largest and most experienced DWI defense firms in New York State.  She also co-authors the Thomson-West book Criminal Law in New York and writes a weekly column, Legal Currents, for The Daily Record.


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David Gottlieb


David Gottlieb





That's really great. I am familiar with earlier editions and its a must-have book for any serious criminal law practioner (or judge who presides over criminal cases.)

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