The New York Legal News Round Up
The Death Penalty is Dead in NY--For Now

And the winner is...


Winner_2The competition for Best NY-based law blogger was fierce, with 478 votes being cast. 

The clear winner is Dustin of Quizlaw!   He's won his choice of any single item sold by The Billable Hour (luxury watch line and sets excluded), a company that offers clever gifts and greeting cards for legal professionals. 

In second and third place respectively are Bridget Crawford of the Feminist Law Professors blog and Caitlin Borgmann, blogging at both the Feminist Law Professors blog and the Reproductive Rights Prof blog.  They've each won a copy of Ron Liebman's newly released novel, Death by Rodrigo, about the misadventures of two former Camden cops-turned-lawyers.

53 votes were cast for Best NY legal blog with New York Civil Law coming in first place.  Matt Lerner has won a signed copy of attorney Sairo Rao's witty novel, Chambermaid, about a young attorney's eventful year as a clerk for a Federal Court Judge.

Wait a Second! came in second place, and this group blog sponsored by the Bergstein & Ullrich law firm is the lucky winner of a signed copy of attorney Adam Freedman's newly released book, about the curious world of legalese, The Party of the First Part.

Coming in third was Indignant Indigent.  Brian Shiffren has won a copy of won a copy of Ron Liebman's newly released novel, Death by Rodrigo, about the misadventures of two former Camden cops-turned-lawyers.

Congrats to you all!


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Sandy Hausler

Well, it would be hard to have sour grapes over a great blog like New York Civil Law winning first place in the New York legal blog category, but Wait a Second! hasn't had a post since August 18, 2007. I assume Sui Generis was not eligible for obvious conflict of interest reasons because it would have easily won the contest. Well, wait till next year (when I wise up and nominate myself).

Eric @ New York Personal Injury Law Blog

Well, if I have to get the stuffiings beaten out of me, it might as well be by this group. Congrats to the winners.



I'm posting all the time.

Click here and scroll down:

Scott Greenfield

I was waiting for the contest to start. Did it start yet? When's it gonna start?

Oh well. Congratulations to the winners and losers like Eric and me will just have to drown our sorrows. Eric buys.


Let's face it. This was a total farce.

Luckily, Ms. Black showed some class by removing her name from consideration.

But, maybe we should show a bit more "modesty" and refrain from sham contests in the future.

With millions of readers and bloggers out there, 478 votes a "best blog" or blogger does not make.


Thanks for your input "Rich" (I'm inclined to think that your real name has far more syllables and vowels than that--perhaps 5 for the first name and 3 for the last name). It was quite insightful.


Frankly, I don't understand your response.

I'm a real person. (And, no, you didn't guess correctly.)

And, as far as we know, the winner probably self-nominated a few dozen times.

My reponse stands. (And, maybe I'm wrong about the "class" part.)


Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.


Thank you to Niki, who took the time to create a fun contest, gather some interesting prizes, and promote the contest as much as she could. As you should remember, Niki (as well as with most bloggers)does this in her spare time and for the love of her profession. She's constantly trying to add new aspects to her blawg to make an already interesting blawg more interesting and fun for her readers.

Does the contest represent the reader's true opinion of best New York blawger and New York blawg? Probably not. But can we blame Niki for being creative and trying to promote New York blawgers?

This wasn't a competition to determine who will win the Nobel Prize. Are some of us taking the contest results just a bit too seriously?

All the blawgers in both categories (and those whom were not nominated) have something to be proud of. They're consistently creating interesting posts that stimulate debate and providing useful information. The contest results don't change that fact.

Niki is a part of the great group of New York blawgers who contributes to the blawgosphere.

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