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New York Legal Blog Round Up

BlawgsAs you may have noticed, I took Columbus Day off, as did The Daily Record.  Accordingly, my legal Currents column was not published this week, and your weekly New York legal blog round up is coming to you one day late. 

Better late, than never, right?  I now bring you interesting posts from my fellow New York legal bloggers from the past week:

A Buffalo Lawyer:

Juz The Fax:

New York Attorney Malpractice Blog:

New York Civil Law:

New York Legal Update:

New York Personal Injury Law Blog:

New York Public Personnel Law:

Second Opinions:

Simple Justice:


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Scott Greenfield

Thank you. I was walking around aimlessly all day yesterday waiting for you. Please don't take any more vacation days.


I had no idea how important my NY blawg round up was to my readers! I always knew I, and as an extension of me, Sui Generis, was important, given that my home and office are the center of the universe and all, but I had no concept of *how* important I truly was until now.

That you--*you*--Scott, of all people, wandered aimlessly awaiting this post elevates my ego to heights not heretofore known.

That being said, forfeit my days off for you? Never! ;)

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