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New NY Blog of Interest

CheckmarkI recently discovered a relatively new New York blog based on an interesting concept--summarizing all New York CLEs in one place.  It's called, not surprisingly,  New York CLE.  You can browse CLEs by region, topic or date. 

And, CLE providers can submit their upcoming CLEs by following this link.  It appears that there is no cost to list your CLE and that a fee is charged only if people register for the CLE using the web site. 

It's an unusual and creative idea.  I've added to my sidebar under New York Law Blogs for the time being.  I'm interested in watching the blog to see how it develops over time.


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David M. Gottlieb, Esq.

If they would put a link or buttion for an RSS feed, I'd probably put it on my blog. Their blog doesn't give an email addy that I could find.

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