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Second Circuit Amends Rule Regarding Oral Argument

CheckmarkAs detailed here at the Second Circuit's web site, effective August 27, 2007, Interim Local Rule 34 has been adopted pending further action by the Court.   This rules affects the procedures for requesting oral argument before the court, making it more difficult to obtain permission to present an oral argument to the Court.

As explained inthe Court's August 27th Order, comments regarding the new rule are being accepted until September 27th:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that the Local Rules of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit are hereby amended on an interim basis effective immediately by the adoption of Interim Local Rule 34, which is set forth below (bolded text) and replaces the current Local Rule 34. The Court proposes furthermore to adopt Interim Local Rule 34 on a permanent basis following publication for notice and comment. The Clerk of Court shall publish the new Interim Rule and Proposed Permanent Rule inviting comment to be submitted by September 27, 2007.

Anyone wishing to comment should do so, in writing, to: Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe Clerk of Court United States Court of Appeals 40 Foley Square New York, NY 10007.

The Interim Local Rule 34(a)(2) joint statement to be submitted by counsel can be found here.


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