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Electronic Discovery Rule Wizard

EdiscoveryI recently discovered a really useful resource on for those of you who practice in federal court:  The Electronic Discovery Rule Wizard.

This tool provides an easily navigated wizard that is somewhat of an "e-discovery for dummies". 

It's simple to use.  Click on a rule, and the full text of the rule is displayed on the screen. 

You can then explore the rule by clicking on the "summary", "checklist" and "resources" tabs.  Within each section you'll find a ton of useful and concise information regarding the rule.

Check it out, why don't you?


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Benjamin Wright

E-discovery reflects the natural collision of technology and legal practice. As an enterprise creates an ever-growing mountain of records, adversaries of course want access to it. Knowing that litigation and e-discovery are inevitable, an enterprise can use technology proactively to make records more benign. --Ben

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