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Live Webcast of Court of Appeals Arguments Today In Death Penalty Case

Gavel2As reported in this NY Sun article, today the New York Court of Appeals will hear an appeal by the last inmate remaining on death row.  From the article:

The state's highest court today will hear an appeal by the last inmate on New York's death row. In the process, the Court of Appeals, which sits in Albany, will decide the future of capital punishment in New York State, legal analysts say.

There has been no active death penalty statute in the state since 2004, when the Court of Appeals struck down capital punishment on a technical point involving the instructions judges gave jurors. That decision, however, does not automatically protect John Taylor, whose death sentence was handed down in 2002, from execution.

The court's decision in the appeal will determine whether the earlier ruling only applies to some capital prosecutions, or to all. The effect of a ruling upholding Taylor's death sentence could be to revive death penalty prosecutions across the state.

The argument began at 9:30 a.m. and is being broadcast via live web cast at the Court's website as we speak.  Click here to view it.

An archived webcast of the entire proceeding will be posted on the New York Court of Appeals web site on September 11th, 2007 and will remain available for several months.



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