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Sui Generis--Getting Back to its Roots

Tree_branches_and_roots_01 I've decided to make a few changes to Sui Generis.  Over time, this blog has strayed from the concept I'd originally envisioned--a blog devoted to New York legal issues--in large part because I simply can't resist chronicling legal humor.

But, it's time for Sui Generis to return to its roots.  From here on in, this blog will focus on New York law, but I'll continue to highlight the humor in the law over at my new blog, Legal Antics.

At Sui Generis I'll continue to summarize decisions from all Appellate Divisions and the New York Court of Appeals, with a focus on cases of interest to civil litigators and criminal practitioners. Important updates regarding the rules and procedures for the federal and New York appellate courts are also provided on a regular basis.

I'll continue to include regular features such as "Define That Term", the "Monday New York Blawg Round Up" and the Wednesday "New York Legal News Round Up."   I'll also post the weekly articles from my Daily Record column, "Legal Currents."

Posting frequency at Sui Generis will be slightly reduced, since a number of regular features will be shifted over to Legal Antics, but I expect to continue to post at least once per day.

My new blog, Legal Antics, focuses on all that is funny in the world of the law. It features occasional "Comedic Breaks" which include humorous courtroom outtakes and law related jokes, "Crimes & Misdemeanors", a round up of (alleged) criminals at their worst, and my oh-so-witty observations about the law and those who practice it.

So, I hope you'll head on over and check out Legal Antics and that you'll consider subscribing to it or signing up to receive regular updates via email.


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Scott Greenfield

Wow. One blawg will keep you busy. Two is amazing. Best of luck and I sure hope you have a Monty Python clip in there.


I think your plan makes a lot of sense.

Scott T

Seems to me like you're spreading yourself thin.

There are too many blogs out there.

You're diluting your audience (as I am sure the stats show).



Thank you kindly for that random musing. Your input is much appreciated.

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