Was the Sixth Amendment Violated Where Court Failed to Relieve Assigned Counsel and Substitute Pro Bono Attorney?
What In the World Is a Wuzzle?

The New York Minute

It's time for the bi-weekly Sui Generis New York Minute. 

In today's video I discuss Aaron Charney's discrimination lawsuit pending against legal giant Sullivan & Cromwell, as more fully explained here (gaycitynews.com)or here (New York Observer).

I also discuss Judge Kaye's recent announcement in which she threatens to commence a lawsuit in order to obtain raises for New York judges as explained here (New York Times).

(And, I once again would like to emphasize that I do not have a lisp.  My recording equipment is less than stellar.  It's not me!)


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Susan Cartier Liebel

Nicole, you need to shut the blinds so the light doesn't blind the viewer!!! :^)

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