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New York Legal Trivia #3

Last week's question was:

When can you appeal as of right to the New York Court of Appeals?  (Partial answers are permissible.)

Randy L. Braun's partial answer--when 2 Appellate Division justices dissent--was correct!

The full answer is (from the New York Court of Appeals Civil Practice Outline):


A. Individual Jurisdictional Predicates        

1. Double Dissent at the Appellate Division -- CPLR 5601(a)        
2. Constitutional Question -- CPLR 5601(b)(1) -- Appeal from Final Appellate Division Order         3. Constitutional Question -- CPLR 5601(b)(2) -- Direct Appeal from Court of Original Instance (When That Court Is Not the Appellate Division)        
4. Stipulation for Judgment Absolute -- CPLR 5601(c)        
5. Appeal Pursuant to CPLR 5601(d)

B. Rule 500.10 Review of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Today's question is:

Who was the first woman judge to be appointed to the New York Court of Appeals and what year was she appointed?

As always, educated guesses only, please.


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