Wednesday's New York Legal News Round Up
How Dare You Call My Father Intestate!

The State's Response to the Lawsuit Challenging the New York Lawyer Advertising Rules

Greg Beck, an attorney who is the Equal Justice Works fellow at the Public Citizen Litigation Group and a frequent poster at the Consumer Law and Policy Blog, was kind enough to share with me the State's memorandum of law in response to the motion of the plaintiffs, Public Citizen, Inc. and Alexander & Catalano, et. al., for a preliminary injunction in the lawsuit that challenges the newly promulgated lawyer advertising rules.

The State's memorandum can be found here.

I haven't yet had a chance to read the entire document.  Once I've done so, I may post my comments regarding the defenses raised by the State.


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Susan Cartier Liebel

Just a cursory read through and basically it is a judicially sanctioned cop out. They are avoiding the issue and are hiding behind any legal verbiage they could find to justify quivering in shame in their suits. Bottom line: "We're not going to deal with this issue and you can't make us."

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