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Define That term #194

Crimes and Misdemeanors

There's plenty of crime afoot and you know who's keeping track of it for you, don't you?  That's right.  I am.

  • When Cops and Pot Collide:  It was a bad day for some guy in Florida.  He drove his car, which just happened to have 43 pounds of marijuana and a wee bit of coke in its trunk,  smack dab into a parked cop car.  Bummer dude.  (AP via Dave Barry's blog)
  • The Hazards of Being a Criminal Defense Attorney:   It's bad enough when clients yell at you, but it's even worse when they stab you during jury selection  Can you say "mistrial" boys and girls?  (Yahoo)
  • Well, then can I at least call him "Satan"?:  The Missouri Supreme Court tossed out a man's murder conviction on the basis that the prosecutor was wrong in calling the man 'the devil' during closing arguments at trial since the People failed to provide "evidence that (he) was in fact the devil and the crime scene was hell..."   Personally, I'd pay good money to see a prosecutor prove that! (AP via Public Defender Stuff)
  • Shh..Criminal Mastermind at Work!:  Tip of the day: If you're having problems breaking and entering, make sure to call the cops and let 'em know that you're "trying to break into a church, but...(aren't) having much luck."  And then, make sure to let the cops know that you've got lots of weed on your person and even more drugs at home!  Ok, great job!  (Oh, and, if you actually follow that tip of the day, make sure that you definitely follow the second tip of the day: Insist on speaking to your lawyer as soon as you're arrested.)    (Yahoo via Dave Barry's blog)


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