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Civil Rights Round Up

New York Criminal Law Resources and Court Information

I discovered a number of interesting New York resources today the the New York State Unified Court System's web site.

First, the New York Criminal Jury Instructions are available here. Be advised, however, that for some reason accessing that link can cause your system to slow down dramatically.  You may want to close out any programs currently not in use.

The Domestic Violence Bench Manual is available here and the (annotated) Search Warrant Manual for judges can be found here.

A somewhat skewed directory of the addresses of all courts, including town, village and justice courts, located in New York state can be found here.  Similar information can be found here

And, a directory, again somewhat skewed, of all New York State judges, including phone numbers, can be found here.  An alphabetical directory of judges can also be found here.

A map of the New York State court system that illustrates which counties make up each judicial department can be found here.


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