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Define That Term #185

Saturday's term was short cause, which is defined as:

n. a lawsuit which is estimated by the parties (usually their attorneys) and the trial setting judge to take no more than one day. Thus, a short cause may be called on the "short cause" calendar and get priority on the calendar since it can be fitted into the court's schedule and will not tie up a courtroom for a long period. Short causes may be treated differently from "long cause" cases, such as not requiring a settlement conference or having the cases tried by "pro tem" judges. However, if a supposed "short cause" lasts beyond one day the judge is authorized to declare a mistrial and the case will be reset later as a "long cause."

No one guessed this time around.

Today's term is:

long arm jurisdiction.

No dictionaries allowed, please.


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Damin J. Toell, Esq.

Long-arm jurisdiction: the geographical scope of the crime-fighting activities of Plastic Man.

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