The Monday New York Blawg Round Up
Sue Who?

Prosecutors--High as a Kite

It seems that our prosecutorial colleagues are (allegedly of course) drowning their sorrows in the bottle and then hitting the road:

Will they ever learn?  I'm forever hopeful that one day our colleagues who represent the "People" will learn to behave themselves as those of us in the private bar do.  Or, better yet, perhaps they'll model their behavior after that of our honorable judiciary.


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Stuart Rodgers

Although I agree lawyers should be held to a higher standard than most (they have the education and probably are relatively well off) they are human after all. I think the reason it comes off as so reprehensible is because we expect authority figures to act as an ideal parent would. However, even at our parents’ best, the only reason we held them in such high regard is because we were ignorant of their weaknesses. It may in fact, be the guilt that comes with being an authority figure but not feeling worthy that leads so many to crack.

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