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Prosecutors Behaving Badly

Why oh why can't those crazy prosecutors behave?  It seems that they're up to their usual antics, yet again:

  • Former U.S. prosecutor charged in call-girl ring:  A trooper was charged, too.  It's a double whammy for law enforcement!  (Hat tip:  Quizlaw)
  • NYC Prosecutor Arrested for Alleged Drunken Rampage After Holiday Party:  "Matthew F. Knouff, 27, was intoxicated, according to law enforcement sources. He allegedly broke a window at the restaurant, pushed a bartender and kicked the hand of a police officer. He further resisted arrest by kicking officers as they placed him in a patrol car, sources said."  Not exactly "prosecutor-like" behavior, now, is it?
  • Former Prosecutor Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Underage Boys:  "In March, an investigation by the Illinois attorney general's Internet Crimes Against Children task force accused Waclawski of flying to Chicago and then driving to nearby Wheaton in an alleged attempt to meet with a child he had encountered on the Internet, who turned out to be an undercover police officer."  Oops. 
  • Former Weld Prosecutor Accused Of Death Threats :  Threats against another prosecutor, no less.  And they were left on her voice mail.  Did he learn nothing from those that he prosecuted?  Here's my tip of the day:  Never, ever leave a voice trail if you're going to make death threats.  That's a big no-no.

I guess I'll just never understand why prosecutors can't act more like their upstanding and law abiding colleagues in the private bar.  Or, at the very least, try to act like their esteemed members of the judiciary.


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