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Now I've seen everything. 

Via Quizlaw I learned of this Fox News affiliate video that is underhanded, to say the least.  If this short video isn't a subtle implication that Barack Obama is a pedophile, then I don't know what is.  And if that's not the point, then what is it?

After you view the video, you tell me:  what in the world does the video clip in the middle of the news story have to do with the subject matter of the story?  Zip, nada, nothing, as far as I can tell.


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Yeah, news on a Fox affiliate != Fox News. Moron.


If you're going to slam me with no subtlety whatsoever, it'd be nice if you had the guts to actually use your name--or at least an alias. But, point taken. I inadvertantly left out the approprite descriptors when I dashed off the post and will make the appropriate modification.


Could it be they just made an error? Something we humans do all the time. Why does everything always have to have an ulterior motive. I can't tell you how many "whoops" moments I've seen on Fox and other networks but that happens all the time. Methinks you and anyone else outraged over this are trying to make something out of nothing. Just my $.02.

Here's a couple of my favorite screwups from your favorite network:

Mistakes Happen 1

Mistakes Happen 2




It's entirely possible that you're right. It may very well have been an innocent mistake. I'm just a bit cynical when it come to that sort of thing. So, my gut feeling is that it wasn't a mistake, but I could be wrong.

And, those video clips were pretty funny. Thanks for sharing.

(I love YouTube!)

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