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Now I Remember Why I Don't Miss Law School

The following conversation from Overheard in New York reminds me of some of the reasons that I never really liked law school in the first place--maddeningly cryptic professors and annoying colleagues full of stupid questions:

Now See, That Was a Normal Question. Four.

Professor: I've heard from students that have taken my exams that they're generally considered thinking exams. Rather than just have you recite the law, I try to throw questions in there that will make you examine the policies behind it... Yes?
Law student: What would you say the ratio of thinking questions to normal questions is going to be?
Professor: Hmmm... Really, I don't know if I can answer that. I mean, what to one person would be a thinking-type question, to another might not be, you know? [Same student raises hand again.] Usually I'm reluctant to let a person who asks a question like that ask another question, so let me ask you first -- how many of your questions are thinking-type questions?

--Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law


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