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Prosecutors--Always In Trouble

Those crazy prosecutors--they're at it again.  Getting arrested, breaking the law and generally misbehaving, as usual:

  • Knives, brass knuckles and guns--Oh my!:"A judge ordered a former prosecutor who stole weapons from this eastern Idaho city's police evidence locker to serve his full one- to five-year prison sentence Tuesday after determining he lied in a plea-bargain deal that would have let him out of jail by Jan. 1."  (Hat tip:  The Legal Reader).
  • Former Colorado  Prosecutor Accused Of Death Threats:  This guy allegedly left a voice mail for his former supervisor at the DA's office and threatened to burn her home to the ground.  He also allegedly told a cop in regard to the DA's office that "I have been having visualizations and fantasies about going postal and killing everyone over there..."  What a sweet talker.
  • Judge sentences US attorney who challenged common police Internet sex sting:  He thought he was chatting with a 14 year old, but unfortunately, it was--oops--a cop.
  • Prosecutor in Clinton/Lewinsky Case Accused of Stalking: Robert W. Ray, the former independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica S. Lewinsky is accused of stalking a "former girlfriend, a 40-year-old Manhattan woman, filed a complaint that he persisted in sending e-mail and knocking on her door months after she broke off their relationship. Police charged Ray, 46, with a misdemeanor count of stalking in the fourth degree."  Say it ain't so!

Why can't these guys model their behavior after that of their fellow attorneys in the private bar.  Or, at the very least, maybe they can try and act like our honorable judges.


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