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Prosecutors--Breaking All the Rules

It's time for another round up of the antics of our favorite kind of lawyer--the out of control prosecutor.

  • Ex-prosecutor and former judge pleads guilty to Money Laundering and Obstruction of Justice charges:  It's a double whammy--a judge and a prosecutor.  Jackpot!  And, his wife is an associate dean of a law school.  Could it get any better?  You betcha!  For some unknown reason, the defendant, Sam Currin, made the unusual tactical move of filing a "16-page affidavit detailing his role in the crimes -- a filing which U.S. District Judge Earl Britt noted was the first he had ever seen as a judge."  How about that?  (Hat tip:  Wall Street Journal Law Blog).
  • Show me the money!:  A chief prosecutor in Oklahoma was charged with embezzling nearly $9,000 seized during 2 drug busts in his District.  At least he didn't steal the drugs.  And at least he wasn't accused of stealing a couple of hundred thousand dollars--like the next wayward prosecutor.
  • Ethics, schmethics:  A former Kentucky prosecutor was recently released from prison after serving nearly ten years for for theft and forgery convictions as a result of his "stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients of his private law practice."   I suppose if you're going to steal, you may as well go for the gusto!

One day, maybe, just maybe, these outlaw prosecutors will learn to behave themselves just like the private bar does.  Or, at the very least, they can aspire to behave as our esteemed judiciary does.


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