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Prosecutors Who Can't Keep Their Hands To Themselves

It's time for the round up of misbehaving prosecutors.  It seems that some of them just can't keep their hands to themselves--allegedly, of course:

  • First, there's the case of a former Harrisburg, Pennsylvania judge, also an ex-prosecutor, who was disbarred and is on 10 years probation after pleading no contest to charges stemming from groping a preteen girl at a concert.   From this article, "Pazuhanich, who attended the concert with his daughter, blamed his problems on alcohol and medication he had been taking."  Notice the absolute failure to accept responsibility for his actions.  Niiice.  (Hat tip:  Legal Reader)
  • Then there's the Olympia, Washington District Attorney accused of sexual harassment by three of his former ADAs.  As reported here, he's accused of making such lovely and oh-so-inappropriate comments as "that woman’s really built" or "she has a set of knockers on her"...or "she was a tall glass of water."  What a charmer!

Too bad these guys didn't model their behavior after their extremely well behaved colleagues in the private bar.  Or, better yet, our esteemed judiciary.


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