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Prosecutors Behaving Badly

They're at it again, those crazy prosecutors.  It's time for another round up of their misdeeds:

  • Prosecutor Caught Having Sex in Restroom Stall at Baseball Field:  It seems that a Seattle prosecutor was arrested and charged with obstruction and trespassing after being ejected from the Qwest Stadium following allegations that he--ahem--"used the facilities" in a rather unusual manner in the company of a lady friend, a paralegal who worked at his office.  From the article:  " Urquhart questioned the attorney's claim that he was simply going to the bathroom. "So why is he using it with another woman in the stall?" he asked."  Good question, Mr. Urquhart.  Good question.  (Hat tip:  the Legal Reader).
  • District Attorney Charged With Hunting Geese During Offseason:  It seems that an Iowa County Attorney had a hankering to shoot some geese, no matter what the time of year.  Or at least, that's the allegation.  His defense?  "That guy over there, you know, my good friend?  He did it."  Nice.  Good thing he's running unopposed in his bid for his third term as county attorney, since I doubt his "friends" will be voting for him.

Once again, I'm forced to wonder why prosecutors can't behave themselves as well as their colleagues in the private bar and, of course, the judiciary--none of whom would ever, for example,  barter drugs or sex for services rendered.


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