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In-Depth Profiles of NYC Supreme Court Justices--At a Price

There's a new subscription service available that provides in-depth judicial profiles of every Supreme Court Justice in New York City.  It's called Judicial Reports and is operated by the Institute for Judicial Studies.  Each judicial profile includes the judge's biography, vital statistics, reversal record, judicial conduct report, financial and campaign-finance disclosures, and comments from lawyers who have appeared before the judge.

But, it's not cheap.  An annual subscription for a firm of 50 or more lawyers costs $4,800 and includes 12 reports plus The Blue Book of New York City Judges, a digest of the site's research focused on trial judges in the city. For firms of 25 to 49 lawyers, the price is $3,600, and below 25 it is $3,000.

But, it might be worth it.  After all, how do you put a price on useful information that gives you an edge over the competition?

Hat tip:  Inside Opinions: Legal Blogs.


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The list I want is the firms who bought a subscription.

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