Civil Rights Round Up
It's Confirmed: Proposed NY Lawyer Advertising Rules Comment Period Extended

Comedic Break

Here's another courtroom transcript.  You gotta love a lawyer who's quick on his feet--all in the name of a good laugh:

By Defendant's Attorney:  Tell me what you were like from age 17 to the present. What have your feelings been about having kids?

By Plaintiff:  I wanted to pursue an education and then meet the perfect person and be married a couple years, save some money, buy a house, and start a family.

Defendant's Attorney:  When did that change?

Plaintiff:  Well --

By Plaintiff's Attorney:  -- or did that change?

By Plaintiff:  -- It didn't.

By Defendant's Attorney:  I think we all realize that as we get older, we're not going to marry the perfect person.

By Plaintiff's AttorneyMy wife did.


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