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Civil Rights Round Up

Here are some civil rights issues of interest from the past week:

  • House Approves Warrantless Wiretap Law:  Yesterday, the House voted to approve a Bill that authorized, under certain conditions, the warrantless wiretapping  of telephone calls and emails between those in the US and those in other countries.  The Bill provides that the president would be authorized to conduct the wiretaps if he: 1) notifies the House and Senate intelligence committees and congressional leaders, 2) believes an attack is imminent and later explains the reason and names the individuals and groups involved, and 3) renews his certification every 90 days.
  • Federal Judge Rules Bush Cannot Continue SurVeillance While Appeal is Pending: "A U.S. judge ruled against the Bush administration's bid to continue its terrorist surveillance while appealing her decision that the program is unlawful. The judge gave the government a week to ask a higher court to let the eavesdropping go forward."


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