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The Robing Room

There's an interesting website called the Robing Room, self-described as the place "where judges are judged."  This site allow lawyers and litigants (or, as Evan Schaeffer points out, those pretending to be lawyers or litigants) to anonymously rate and comment on federal judges.

It's an interesting concept, but only time will tell if it actually proves to be useful or is simply abused by those unhappy with the judicial process.


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You might wanna watch what you post on there, though.


Good point, Slick!

You had mentioned The Robing Room a while back ( -- a site where lawyers and others can rate federal judges, and you wondered whether it would become a useful tool or just a place where litigants can grouse. We wondered that as well. Anyway, a year or so later we can confidently say its become the useful tool we had hoped for, with some 4,000 reviews and growing. We just launched the New York State Robing Room (
to rate state court judges, and will gradually add other states as well.
Richard Levitt
The Robing Room

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