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The Monday NY Blawg Round Up

It's time for the Monday New York blawg round up of interesting posts from the last week.  And, without futher ado, here it is:

Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law Blog:

Second Circuit Sentencing Blog

The Sienko Law Office Blog


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That Lawyer Dude

I wanted to thank you for the NY Blog roundup. I look forward to it every Monday (and later if the week is a busy one for you.) I just wanted to point out that the name of my Legal issue blog is LONG ISLAND (Criminal) Trial Law as opposed to NY (Criminal) Trial Law.
Maybe I ought to rename it, but coming out of Woodbury NY I think just trying to get the First and Second Departments and the Eastern and Southern US District Courts, Not to mention interesting local decisions covered with any regularity is tough enough for me.

Thanks again for the mention on your outstanding blog. Keep up the good work.


Sorry about that, Lawyer Dude. I fixed it. I checked my past posts, and it looks like I've gotten it correct in the past. It was just a typo this time around.

Thanks for the kind words about my blog!

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