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NY Judges Packing Heat?

As reported in this CNN article, the New York Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics has issued an advisory opinion indicating that it's ok for judges to carry concealed firearms while on the bench.  The ruling was in response to an inquiry from a judge as to whether it was "ethically permissible" to carry a pistol in the courtroom.  The Committee stated that:

From an ethical standpoint, there is no prohibition ... barring you from carrying a firearm while performing your duties on the bench...(Judges must) be patient, dignified and courteous" to those appearing before the bench and behave in "a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary...This committee believes that keeping your firearm concealed and safeguarded on your person while you are on the bench is advisable...

Keep that in mind next time you disagree with a judge's ruling.  Tread softly.  And remember to duck.


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What an incredibly silly ethics question from a judge. How is it we've reached the point that so many people think all of life's questions can be answered by an ethics committee?

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