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A few weeks ago I posted about the release of Douglas Warney following the reversal of his conviction for murder based upon newly discovered DNA evidence.  One of the issues of concern in Mr. Warney's case that is now receiving some media attention is that of false confessions.  Some are now advocating for mandatory videotaping of all police interrogations in order to reduce the number of false confessions. 

There's a relatively new blog on the issue of false confessions that's worth a look.  It's called The Truth About False Confessions and it examines the problems with the current system that lead to false confessions and chronicles cases where people are vindicated after being convicted based upon false confessions.  The blog is written by Alan Hirsch, a professor of legal studies at Williams College. 

Also of interest is the ACLU's blog and one of the cases that is being followed on the blog, Lochren v. Suffolk County.  The case alleges that the Suffolk County Police Department discriminated against women police officers by denying them access to desk jobs during their pregnancies, while allowing men greater access to limited duty jobs.

The case is currently being tried in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York before Magistrate Judge Arlene Lindsey and periodic reports regarding the trial's progress are posted on the blog..  The complaint in that case can be found here

It's an interesting case that raises some important issues.  And, I find it intriguing to read trial updates on the blog--almost in real-time.  It's yet another "new frontier" that would not be available but for the blogging format.


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